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    Neural bases of asymmetric language switching in second-language learners: an ER-fMRI studyWang Y, Xue G, Chen C, Xue F, Dong QNeuroImage0.0018
    Dysfunction of ventral striatal reward prediction in schizophreniaJuckel G, Schlagenhauf F, Koslowski M, Wustenberg T, Villringer A, Knutson B, Wrase J, Heinz ANeuroImage0.0029
    Deactivation of the limbic system during acute psychosocial stress: evidence from positron emission tomography and functional magnetic resonance imaging studiesPruessner JC, Dedovic K, Khalili-Mahani N, Engert V, Pruessner M, Buss C, Renwick R, Dagher A, Meaney MJ, Lupien SBiological Psychiatry0.0059
    Distributed BOLD-response in association cortex vector state space predicts reaction time during selective attentionMusso F, Konrad A, Vucurevic G, Schaffner C, Friedrich B, Frech P, Stoeter P, Winterer GNeuroImage0.0018
    Regional homogeneity of fMRI time series in autism spectrum disordersShukla DK, Keehn B, Muller RANeuroscience Letters0.0013
    Similar brain networks for detecting visuo-motor and visuo-proprioceptive synchronyBalslev D, Nielsen FA, Lund TE, Law I, Paulson OBNeuroImage0.0013
    Information processing in human parieto-frontal circuits during goal-directed bimanual movementsWenderoth N, Toni I, Bedeleem S, Debaere F, Swinnen SPNeuroImage0.0013
    Abnormal cortical activity in patients with temporomandibular disorder evoked by cognitive and emotional tasksWeissman-Fogel I, Moayedi M, Tenenbaum HC, Goldberg MB, Freeman BV, Davis KDPAIN0.001
    Simultaneous EEG-fMRI during a working memory task: modulations in low and high frequency bandsMichels L, Bucher K, Luchinger R, Klaver P, Martin E, Jeanmonod D, Brandeis DPLoS ONE0.0011
    Cross-modal temporal order memory for auditory digits and visual locations: an fMRI studyZhang D, Zhang X, Sun X, Li Z, Wang Z, He S, Hu XHuman Brain Mapping0.0011
    When the brain remembers, but the patient doesn't: converging fMRI and EEG evidence for covert recognition in a case of prosopagnosiaSimon SR, Khateb A, Darque A, Lazeyras F, Mayer E, Pegna AJCortex0.0039
    Impact of individual cognitive profile on visuo-motor reorganization in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosisGioia MC, Cerasa A, Liguori M, Passamonti L, Condino F, Vercillo L, Valentino P, Clodomiro A, Quattrone A, Fera FBrain Research0.0067
    The link between visual exploration and neuronal activity: a multi-modal study combining eye tracking, functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulationChaves S, Vannini P, Jann K, Wurtz P, Federspiel A, Nyffeler T, Luethi M, Hubl D, Wiest R, Dierks T, Muri RMNeuroImage0.0012
    The neural bases of emotion regulation: reappraisal and suppression of negative emotionGoldin PR, McRae K, Ramel W, Gross JJBiological Psychiatry0.0034
    Developmental trajectories of magnitude processing and interference control: an FMRI studyWood G, Ischebeck A, Koppelstaetter F, Gotwald T, Kaufmann LCerebral Cortex0.0069
    Parietal cortex mediates voluntary control of spatial and nonspatial auditory attentionShomstein S, Yantis SJournal of Neuroscience0.0018
    Neural correlates of idiographic goal priming in depression: goal-specific dysfunctions in the orbitofrontal cortexEddington KM, Dolcos F, McLean AN, Krishnan KR, Cabeza R, Strauman TJSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.005
    Autism is characterized by dorsal anterior cingulate hyperactivation during social target detectionDichter GS, Felder JN, Bodfish JWSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0024
    Not what you expect: experience but not expectancy predicts conditioned responses in human visual and supplementary cortexMoratti S, Keil ACerebral Cortex0.0011
    FMRI-adaptation to highly-rendered color photographs of animals and manipulable artifacts during a classification taskChouinard PA, Goodale MANeuroImage0.0015
    Prediction of response speed by anticipatory high-frequency (gamma band) oscillations in the human brainGonzalez Andino SL, Michel CM, Thut G, Landis T, Grave de Peralta RHuman Brain Mapping0.0015
    Functional neuroanatomy of perceiving surprised facesSchroeder U, Hennenlotter A, Erhard P, Haslinger B, Stahl R, Lange KW, Ceballos-Baumann AOHuman Brain Mapping0.0018
    Leaving a bad taste in your mouth but not in my insulavon dem Hagen EA, Beaver JD, Ewbank MP, Keane J, Passamonti L, Lawrence AD, Calder AJSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0063
    Functional neuroanatomy of anticipatory behavior: dissociation between sensory-driven and memory-driven systemsSimo LS, Krisky CM, Sweeney JACerebral Cortex0.0015
    Hemispheric asymmetry in visuotopic posterior parietal cortex emerges with visual short-term memory loadSheremata SL, Bettencourt KC, Somers DCThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0012
    Neural correlates of disgust- and fear-conditioned responsesKlucken T, Schweckendiek J, Koppe G, Merz CJ, Kagerer S, Walter B, Sammer G, Vaitl D, Stark RNeuroscience0.0016
    The orbitofrontal cortex and its role in the assignment of behavioural significanceDiekhof EK, Falkai P, Gruber ONeuropsychologia0.0036
    Human SII and posterior insula differently encode thermal laser stimuliFrot M, Magnin M, Mauguiere F, Garcia-Larrea LCerebral Cortex0.0034
    Haptic perception and body representation in lateral and medial occipito-temporal corticesCostantini M, Urgesi C, Galati G, Romani GL, Aglioti SMNeuropsychologia0.0031
    A functional variant of the tryptophan hydroxylase 2 gene impacts working memory: a genetic imaging studyReuter M, Esslinger C, Montag C, Lis S, Gallhofer B, Kirsch PBiological Psychology0.001
    Cross-modal processing in early visual and auditory cortices depends on expected statistical relationship of multisensory informationBaier B, Kleinschmidt A, Muller NGJournal of Neuroscience0.0026
    Abstinent adolescent marijuana users show altered fMRI response during spatial working memorySchweinsburg AD, Nagel BJ, Schweinsburg BC, Park A, Theilmann RJ, Tapert SFPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0118
    Striatal hyposensitivity to delayed rewards among cigarette smokersLuo S, Ainslie G, Giragosian L, Monterosso JRDrug and Alcohol Dependence0.0034
    Effects of acute antipsychotic treatment on brain activation in first episode psychosis: an fMRI studyFusar-Poli P, Broome MR, Matthiasson P, Williams SC, Brammer M, McGuire PKEuropean Neuropsychopharmacology0.0027
    It just felt right: the neural correlates of the fluency heuristicVolz KG, Schooler LJ, von Cramon DYConsciousness and Cognition0.0032
    Processing of spectral and amplitude envelope of animal vocalizations in the human auditory cortexAltmann CF, Gomes de Oliveira Junior C, Heinemann L, Kaiser JNeuropsychologia0.0012
    Understanding the neural computations of arbitrary visuomotor learning through fMRI and associative learning theoryBrovelli A, Laksiri N, Nazarian B, Meunier M, Boussaoud DCerebral Cortex0.0048
    Tuning of the human left fusiform gyrus to sublexical orthographic structureBinder JR, Medler DA, Westbury CF, Liebenthal E, Buchanan LNeuroImage0.0026
    Detecting fearful and neutral faces: BOLD latency differences in amygdala-hippocampal junctionReinders AA, Glascher J, de Jong JR, Willemsen AT, den Boer JA, Buchel CNeuroImage0.009
    The effects of reality distortion syndrome on salient stimuli processing in patients with schizophrenia: an fMRI studyMichalopoulou PG, Giampietro VP, Morley LA, Azim A, Kapur S, Lykouras L, Shergill SSPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0012
    Preference judgements involve a network of structures within frontal, cingulate and insula corticesChaudhry AM, Parkinson JA, Hinton EC, Owen AM, Roberts ACEuropean Journal of Neuroscience0.0037
    Rapid and reversible recruitment of early visual cortex for touchMerabet LB, Hamilton R, Schlaug G, Swisher JD, Kiriakopoulos ET, Pitskel NB, Kauffman T, Pascual-Leone APLoS ONE0.0011
    Amygdala function in adolescents with congenital adrenal hyperplasia: a model for the study of early steroid abnormalitiesErnst M, Maheu FS, Schroth E, Hardin J, Golan LG, Cameron J, Allen R, Holzer S, Nelson E, Pine DS, Merke DPNeuropsychologia0.0016
    An event-related fMRI study of the neural networks underlying the encoding, maintenance, and retrieval phase in a delayed-match-to-sample taskHabeck C, Rakitin BC, Moeller J, Scarmeas N, Zarahn E, Brown T, Stern YCognitive Brain Research0.0021
    A magnitude code common to numerosities and number symbols in human intraparietal cortexPiazza M, Pinel P, Le Bihan D, Dehaene SNeuron0.0015
    Online mentalising investigated with functional MRIKircher T, Blumel I, Marjoram D, Lataster T, Krabbendam L, Weber J, van Os J, Krach SNeuroscience Letters0.0017
    Prepulse inhibition and "psychosis-proneness" in healthy individuals: an fMRI studyKumari V, Antonova E, Geyer MAEuropean Psychiatry0.0022
    Neural correlates of self-evaluative accuracy after traumatic brain injurySchmitz TW, Rowley HA, Kawahara TN, Johnson SCNeuropsychologia0.0026
    Thinking about actions: the neural substrates of person knowledgeMason MF, Banfield JF, Macrae CNCerebral Cortex0.0017
    Blunted activation in orbitofrontal cortex during mania: a functional magnetic resonance imaging studyAltshuler LL, Bookheimer SY, Townsend J, Proenza MA, Eisenberger N, Sabb F, Mintz J, Cohen MSBiological Psychiatry0.0048
    Decreased activation of lateral orbitofrontal cortex during risky choices under uncertainty is associated with disadvantageous decision-making and suicidal behaviorJollant F, Lawrence NS, Olie E, O'Daly O, Malafosse A, Courtet P, Phillips MLNeuroImage0.0018
    Inter-relationships between attention, activation, fMR adaptation and long-term memoryChee MW, Tan JCNeuroImage0.0011
    Contributions of sensory input, auditory search and verbal comprehension to cortical activity during speech processingGiraud AL, Kell C, Thierfelder C, Sterzer P, Russ MO, Preibisch C, Kleinschmidt ACerebral Cortex0.0037
    Auditory temporal expectations modulate activity in visual cortexBueti D, Macaluso ENeuroImage0.0022
    Object naming and action-verb generation in Parkinson's disease: a fMRI studyPeran P, Cardebat D, Cherubini A, Piras F, Luccichenti G, Peppe A, Caltagirone C, Rascol O, Demonet JF, Sabatini UCortex0.0023
    Dichotic pitch activates pitch processing centre in Heschl's gyrusPuschmann S, Uppenkamp S, Kollmeier B, Thiel CMNeuroImage0.0018
    Expectancy constraints in degraded speech modulate the language comprehension networkObleser J, Kotz SACerebral Cortex0.0016
    Auditory selective attention to speech modulates activity in the visual word form areaYoncheva YN, Zevin JD, Maurer U, McCandliss BDCerebral Cortex0.0014
    A meta-analysis of instructed fear studies: implications for conscious appraisal of threatMechias ML, Etkin A, Kalisch RNeuroImage0.0011
    Functional dissociation of hippocampal mechanism during implicit learning based on the domain of associationsRose M, Haider H, Salari N, Buchel CThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0067
    Regional response differences across the human amygdaloid complex during social conditioningDavis FC, Johnstone T, Mazzulla EC, Oler JA, Whalen PJCerebral Cortex0.0025
    Common and dissociable prefrontal loci associated with component mechanisms of analogical reasoningCho S, Moody TD, Fernandino L, Mumford JA, Poldrack RA, Cannon TD, Knowlton BJ, Holyoak KJCerebral Cortex0.0015
    Effect of retrieval effort and switching demand on fMRI activation during semantic word generation in schizophreniaRagland JD, Moelter ST, Bhati MT, Valdez JN, Kohler CG, Siegel SJ, Gur RC, Gur RESchizophrenia Research0.0018
    Multiple stages of auditory speech perception reflected in event-related FMRIObleser J, Zimmermann J, Van Meter J, Rauschecker JPCerebral Cortex0.0014
    Electrophysiological and haemodynamic correlates of face perception, recognition and primingHenson RN, Goshen-Gottstein Y, Ganel T, Otten LJ, Quayle A, Rugg MDCerebral Cortex0.0019
    When planning fails: individual differences and error-related brain activity in problem solvingUnterrainer JM, Rahm B, Kaller CP, Ruff CC, Spreer J, Krause BJ, Schwarzwald R, Hautzel H, Halsband UCerebral Cortex0.0013
    Utilizing the ventriloquism-effect to investigate audio-visual bindingBischoff M, Walter B, Blecker CR, Morgen K, Vaitl D, Sammer GNeuropsychologia0.0018
    Long-range synchrony of gamma oscillations and auditory hallucination symptoms in schizophreniaMulert C, Kirsch V, Pascual-Marqui R, McCarley RW, Spencer KMInternational Journal of Psychophysiology0.0012
    The effect of 30% oxygen on visuospatial performance and brain activation: an fMRI studyChung SC, Tack GR, Lee B, Eom GM, Lee SY, Sohn JHBrain and Cognition0.0017
    Goal-directed actions activate the face-sensitive posterior superior temporal sulcus and fusiform gyrus in the absence of human-like perceptual cuesShultz S, McCarthy GCerebral Cortex0.0025
    A role for the brainstem in central sensitisation in humans. Evidence from functional magnetic resonance imagingZambreanu L, Wise RG, Brooks JC, Iannetti GD, Tracey IPain0.0024
    Errors without conflict: implications for performance monitoring theories of anterior cingulate cortexvan Veen V, Holroyd CB, Cohen JD, Stenger VA, Carter CSBrain and Cognition0.0084
    Failure to regulate: counterproductive recruitment of top-down prefrontal-subcortical circuitry in major depressionJohnstone T, van Reekum CM, Urry HL, Kalin NH, Davidson RJJournal of Neuroscience0.0028
    The brain reaction to viewing faces of opposite- and same-sex romantic partnersZeki S, Romaya JPPLoS ONE0.0011
    The CREB1-BDNF-NTRK2 pathway in depression: multiple gene-cognition-environment interactionsJuhasz G, Dunham JS, McKie S, Thomas E, Downey D, Chase D, Lloyd-Williams K, Toth ZG, Platt H, Mekli K, Payton A, Elliott R, Williams SR, Anderson IM, Deakin JFBiological Psychiatry0.0022
    Brain correlates of negative and positive visuospatial priming in adultsWright CI, Keuthen NJ, Savage CR, Martis B, Williams D, Wedig M, McMullin K, Rauch SLNeuroImage0.002
    The effect of temporal asynchrony on the multisensory integration of letters and speech soundsvan Atteveldt NM, Formisano E, Blomert L, Goebel RCerebral Cortex0.0081
    Effect of spatial attention on stimulus-specific haemodynamic repetition effectsHenson RN, Mouchlianitis ENeuroImage0.0021
    An extended motor network generates beta and gamma oscillatory perturbations during developmentWilson TW, Slason E, Asherin R, Kronberg E, Reite ML, Teale PD, Rojas DCBrain and Cognition0.0042
    Regional specificity of format-specific priming effects in mirror word reading using functional magnetic resonance imagingRyan L, Schnyer DCerebral Cortex0.0012
    Neural representation of navigational relevance is rapidly induced and long lastingJanzen G, Wagensveld B, van Turennout MCerebral Cortex0.0017
    Human neural learning depends on reward prediction errors in the blocking paradigmTobler PN, O'doherty JP, Dolan RJ, Schultz WJournal of Neurophysiology0.0015
    Medial prefrontal activity differentiates self from close othersHeatherton TF, Wyland CL, Macrae CN, Demos KE, Denny BT, Kelley WMSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0018
    Reduced amygdala-orbitofrontal connectivity during moral judgments in youths with disruptive behavior disorders and psychopathic traitsMarsh AA, Finger EC, Fowler KA, Jurkowitz IT, Schechter JC, Yu HH, Pine DS, Blair RJPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0035
    Sustained activity within the default mode network during an implicit memory taskYang J, Weng X, Zang Y, Xu M, Xu XCortex0.001
    Distinct functional contributions of primary sensory and association areas to audiovisual integration in object categorizationWerner S, Noppeney UThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0027
    Individual differences in alexithymia and brain response to masked emotion facesReker M, Ohrmann P, Rauch AV, Kugel H, Bauer J, Dannlowski U, Arolt V, Heindel W, Suslow TCortex0.0058
    Attentional control of task and response in lateral and medial frontal cortex: brain activity and reaction time distributionsAarts E, Roelofs A, van Turennout MNeuropsychologia0.0144
    The neural processes underlying self-agencyNahab FB, Kundu P, Gallea C, Kakareka J, Pursley R, Pohida T, Miletta N, Friedman J, Hallett MCerebral Cortex0.0064
    Levodopa and the feedback process on set-shifting in Parkinson's diseaseAu WL, Zhou J, Palmes P, Sitoh YY, Tan LC, Rajapakse JCHuman Brain Mapping0.0049
    Anterior cingulate activity modulates nonlinear decision weight function of uncertain prospectsPaulus MP, Frank LRNeuroImage0.0042
    Retinotopic organization of human ventral visual cortexArcaro MJ, McMains SA, Singer BD, Kastner SJournal of Neuroscience0.0024
    Neural substrates for visual pattern recognition learning in IgoItoh K, Kitamura H, Fujii Y, Nakada TBrain Research0.0016
    Neuroanatomical dissociation of encoding processes related to priming and explicit memorySchott BH, Richardson-Klavehn A, Henson RN, Becker C, Heinze HJ, Duzel EJournal of Neuroscience0.0065
    Rapid retinotopic reactivation during spatial memorySlotnick SDBrain Research0.0013
    Mental blocks: fMRI reveals top-down modulation of early visual cortex when obstacles interfere with grasp planningChapman CS, Gallivan JP, Culham JC, Goodale MANeuropsychologia0.0014
    Frontal operculum temporal difference signals and social motor response learningKumar P, Waiter G, Ahearn T, Milders M, Reid I, Steele JDHuman Brain Mapping0.0028
    Frontostriatal involvement in task switching depends on genetic differences in d2 receptor densityStelzel C, Basten U, Montag C, Reuter M, Fiebach CJThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0015
    Altered functional adaptation to attention and working memory tasks with increasing complexity in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patientsAmann M, Dossegger LS, Penner IK, Hirsch JG, Raselli C, Calabrese P, Weier K, Radu EW, Kappos L, Gass AHuman Brain Mapping0.0014
    Vowel-specific mismatch responses in the anterior superior temporal gyrus: an fMRI studyLeff AP, Iverson P, Schofield TM, Kilner JM, Crinion JT, Friston KJ, Price CJCortex0.0055
    Parallel memory systems for talking about location and age in precuneus, caudate and Broca's regionWallentin M, Roepstorff A, Glover R, Burgess NNeuroImage0.0045
    Neural correlates of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal regulation of mothers with their infantsLaurent HK, Stevens A, Ablow JCBiological Psychiatry0.0136
    Quantitative analysis of attention and detection signals during visual searchShulman GL, McAvoy MP, Cowan MC, Astafiev SV, Tansy AP, d'Avossa G, Corbetta MJournal of Neurophysiology0.0031
    Anterior cingulate cortex and response conflict: effects of response modality and processing domainBarch DM, Braver TS, Akbudak E, Conturo T, Ollinger J, Snyder ACerebral Cortex0.0155
    Altered activation and functional connectivity of neural systems supporting cognitive control of emotion in psychosis pronenessModinos G, Ormel J, Aleman ASchizophrenia Research0.0034
    Cerebral changes during performance of overlearned arbitrary visuomotor associationsGrol MJ, de Lange FP, Verstraten FA, Passingham RE, Toni IJournal of Neuroscience0.0013
    Verbal paired-associate learning by APOE genotype in non-demented older adults: fMRI evidence of a right hemispheric compensatory responseHan SD, Houston WS, Jak AJ, Eyler LT, Nagel BJ, Fleisher AS, Brown GG, Corey-Bloom J, Salmon DP, Thal LJ, Bondi MWNeurobiology of Aging0.0042
    Contributions of the hippocampus and the striatum to simple association and frequency-based learningAmso D, Davidson MC, Johnson SP, Glover G, Casey BJNeuroImage0.0051
    Activity and functional connectivity of inferior frontal cortex associated with response conflictKemmotsu N, Villalobos ME, Gaffrey MS, Courchesne E, Muller RACognitive Brain Research0.0063
    Cortical network differences in the sighted versus early blind for recognition of human-produced action soundsLewis JW, Frum C, Brefczynski-Lewis JA, Talkington WJ, Walker NA, Rapuano KM, Kovach ALHuman Brain Mapping0.0023
    Dissociable retrosplenial and hippocampal contributions to successful formation of survey representationsWolbers T, Buchel CJournal of Neuroscience0.0017
    Working memory for vibrotactile frequencies: comparison of cortical activity in blind and sighted individualsBurton H, Sinclair RJ, Dixit SHuman Brain Mapping0.0051
    Aberrant functional connectivity in autism: evidence from low-frequency BOLD signal fluctuationsNoonan SK, Haist F, Muller RABrain Research0.0014
    Function of striatum beyond inhibition and execution of motor responsesVink M, Kahn RS, Raemaekers M, van den Heuvel M, Boersma M, Ramsey NFHuman Brain Mapping0.01
    Neural correlates of cue-unique outcome expectations under differential outcomes training: an fMRI studyMok LW, Thomas KM, Lungu OV, Overmier JBBrain Research0.0021
    Cortical activity during manual response inhibition guided by color and orientation cuesCai W, Leung HCBrain Research0.0122
    Autism spectrum traits predict the neural response to eye gaze in typical individualsNummenmaa L, Engell AD, von dem Hagen E, Henson RN, Calder AJNeuroImage0.0054
    Synaesthetic colour in the brain: beyond colour areas. A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of synaesthetes and matched controlsvan Leeuwen TM, Petersson KM, Hagoort PPLoS ONE0.0016
    Similar behaviour, different brain patterns: age-related changes in neural signatures of ignoringAllen HA, Payne HNeuroImage0.0015
    Dissociable roles for lateral orbitofrontal cortex and lateral prefrontal cortex during preference driven reversal learningHampshire A, Chaudhry AM, Owen AM, Roberts ACNeuroImage0.0062
    Neural correlates of "analytical-specific visual perception" and degree of task difficulty as investigated by the Mangina-Test: a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study in young healthy adultsMangina CA, Beuzeron-Mangina H, Ricciardi E, Pietrini P, Chiarenza GA, Casarotto SInternational Journal of Psychophysiology0.0046
    Common and unique components of response inhibition revealed by fMRIWager TD, Sylvester CY, Lacey SC, Nee DE, Franklin M, Jonides JNeuroImage0.0057
    Anterior cingulate activation and error processing during interferon-alpha treatmentCapuron L, Pagnoni G, Demetrashvili M, Woolwine BJ, Nemeroff CB, Berns GS, Miller AHBiological Psychiatry0.0031
    Combined event-related fMRI and intracerebral ERP study of an auditory oddball taskBrazdil M, Dobsik M, Mikl M, Hlustik P, Daniel P, Pazourkova M, Krupa P, Rektor INeuroImage0.0028
    Separable neuronal circuitries for manipulable and non-manipulable objects in working memoryMecklinger A, Gruenewald C, Besson M, Magnie MN, Von Cramon DYCerebral Cortex0.0023
    Common and distinct mechanisms of cognitive flexibility in prefrontal cortexKim C, Johnson NF, Cilles SE, Gold BTThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0047
    Neural correlates of acoustic reasoningFangmeier T, Knauff MBrain Research0.0012
    Task-dependent semantic interference in language production: an fMRI studySpalek K, Thompson-Schill SLBrain and Language0.0045
    Brain-behavior correlation in children depends on the neurocognitive networkBooth JR, Burman DD, Meyer JR, Trommer BL, Davenport ND, Parrish TB, Gitelman DR, Mesulam MMHuman Brain Mapping0.0083
    Auditory processing of different types of pseudo-words: an event-related fMRI studyRaettig T, Kotz SANeuroImage0.0016
    Emotional faces and the default mode networkSreenivas S, Boehm SG, Linden DENeuroscience Letters0.0028
    Neural basis of eye gaze processing deficits in autismPelphrey KA, Morris JP, McCarthy GBrain0.0019
    Deontological and altruistic guilt: evidence for distinct neurobiological substratesBasile B, Mancini F, Macaluso E, Caltagirone C, Frackowiak RS, Bozzali MHuman Brain Mapping0.001
    Memory encoding in Alzheimer's disease: an fMRI study of explicit and implicit memoryGolby A, Silverberg G, Race E, Gabrieli S, O'Shea J, Knierim K, Stebbins G, Gabrieli JBrain0.0029
    Functional deactivations: multiple ipsilateral brain areas engaged in the processing of somatosensory informationKlingner CM, Huonker R, Flemming S, Hasler C, Brodoehl S, Preul C, Burmeister H, Kastrup A, Witte OWHuman Brain Mapping0.0089
    Dynamic perception of facial affect and identity in the human brainLaBar KS, Crupain MJ, Voyvodic JT, McCarthy GCerebral Cortex0.0013
    Genetic variation in G72 correlates with brain activation in the right middle temporal gyrus in a verbal fluency task in healthy individualsKrug A, Markov V, Krach S, Jansen A, Zerres K, Eggermann T, Stocker T, Shah NJ, Nothen MM, Georgi A, Strohmaier J, Rietschel M, Kircher THuman Brain Mapping0.0014
    Activation of olfactory and trigeminal cortical areas following stimulation of the nasal mucosa with low concentrations of S(-)-nicotine vapor--an fMRI study on chemosensory perceptionAlbrecht J, Kopietz R, Linn J, Sakar V, Anzinger A, Schreder T, Pollatos O, Bruckmann H, Kobal G, Wiesmann MHuman Brain Mapping0.0021
    Differential BOLD activity associated with subjective and objective reports during "blindsight" in normal observersHesselmann G, Hebart M, Malach RThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0017
    Sex differences in brain activation to anticipated and experienced pain in the medial prefrontal cortexStraube T, Schmidt S, Weiss T, Mentzel HJ, Miltner WHHuman Brain Mapping0.0012
    Noradrenergic enhancement of amygdala responses to fearOnur OA, Walter H, Schlaepfer TE, Rehme AK, Schmidt C, Keysers C, Maier W, Hurlemann RSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0061
    Brain responses to auditory and visual stimulus offset: shared representations of temporal edgesHerdener M, Lehmann C, Esposito F, di Salle F, Federspiel A, Bach DR, Scheffler K, Seifritz EHuman Brain Mapping0.0033
    The creative brain: investigation of brain activity during creative problem solving by means of EEG and FMRIFink A, Grabner RH, Benedek M, Reishofer G, Hauswirth V, Fally M, Neuper C, Ebner F, Neubauer ACHuman Brain Mapping0.0016
    Tool responsive regions in the posterior parietal cortex: effect of differences in motor goal and target object during imagined transitive movementsVingerhoets G, Acke F, Vandemaele P, Achten ENeuroImage0.0015
    The selection of intended actions and the observation of others' actions: a time-resolved fMRI studyCunnington R, Windischberger C, Robinson S, Moser ENeuroImage0.0036
    Prefrontal cortical involvement in verbal encoding strategiesBor D, Cumming N, Scott CE, Owen AMEuropean Journal of Neuroscience0.0018
    Hippocampal contributions to the processing of social emotionsImmordino-Yang MH, Singh VHuman Brain Mapping0.0011
    Relief as a reward: hedonic and neural responses to safety from painLeknes S, Lee M, Berna C, Andersson J, Tracey IPLoS ONE0.0029
    An fMRI study of the social competition in healthy subjectsPolosan M, Baciu M, Cousin E, Perrone M, Pichat C, Bougerol TBrain and Cognition0.0025
    Reward value coding distinct from risk attitude-related uncertainty coding in human reward systemsTobler PN, O'Doherty JP, Dolan RJ, Schultz WJournal of Neurophysiology0.0017
    Knowing about tools: neural correlates of tool familiarity and experienceVingerhoets GNeuroImage0.0027
    Affective brain regions are activated during the processing of pain-related words in migraine patientsEck J, Richter M, Straube T, Miltner WH, Weiss TPAIN0.0012
    Sensitivity of the action observation network to physical and observational learningCross ES, Kraemer DJ, Hamilton AF, Kelley WM, Grafton STCerebral Cortex0.0012
    The function of the left angular gyrus in mental arithmetic: Evidence from the associative confusion effectGrabner RH, Ansari D, Koschutnig K, Reishofer G, Ebner FHuman Brain Mapping0.0011
    Functionally dissociating temporal and motor components of response preparation in left intraparietal sulcusCotti J, Rohenkohl G, Stokes M, Nobre AC, Coull JTNeuroImage0.0081
    Rule-selection and action-selection have a shared neuroanatomical basis in the human prefrontal and parietal cortexRowe J, Hughes L, Eckstein D, Owen AMCerebral Cortex0.0061
    Modulation of subgenual anterior cingulate cortex activity with real-time neurofeedbackHamilton JP, Glover GH, Hsu JJ, Johnson RF, Gotlib IHHuman Brain Mapping0.0012
    Integration of letters and speech sounds in the human brainvan Atteveldt N, Formisano E, Goebel R, Blomert LNeuron0.0057
    Shared brain activity for aesthetic and moral judgments: implications for the Beauty-is-Good stereotypeTsukiura T, Cabeza RSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0021
    Brain activation during audiovisual exposure anticipates future perception of ambiguous speechKilian-Hutten N, Vroomen J, Formisano ENeuroImage0.0035
    Neural correlates of strategic memory retrieval: differentiating between spatial-associative and temporal-associative strategiesde Rover M, Petersson KM, van der Werf SP, Cools AR, Berger HJ, Fernandez GHuman Brain Mapping0.0012
    "What" precedes "which": developmental neural tuning in face- and place-related cortexScherf KS, Luna B, Avidan G, Behrmann MCerebral Cortex0.0016
    Common neural systems for contact heat and laser pain stimulation reveal higher-level pain processingHelmchen C, Mohr C, Roehl M, Bingel U, Lorenz J, Buchel CHuman Brain Mapping0.0017
    fMRI reveals a preference for near viewing in the human parieto-occipital cortexQuinlan DJ, Culham JCNeuroImage0.0045
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    What is this?

    This page displays information for an automated Neurosynth meta-analysis of the feature "response". The meta-analysis was performed by automatically identifying all studies in the Neurosynth database that loaded highly on the feature, and then performing meta-analyses to identify brain regions that were consistently or preferentially reported in the tables of those studies.

    What do the "forward inference" and "reverse inference" maps mean?

    For a detailed explanation, please see our Nature Methods paper. In brief, the forward inference map displays brain regions that are consistently active in studies that load highly on the feature "response". Regions with large z-scores are reported more often than one would expect them to be if activation anywhere in the brain was equally likely. Note that this is typically not so interesting, because it turns out that some brain regions are consistently reported in a lot of different kinds of studies (again, see our paper). So as a general rule of thumb, we don't recommend paying much attention to forward inference maps.

    Reverse inference maps are, roughly, maps displaying brain regions that are preferentially active for the feature in question. The reverse inference map for response displays regions that are reported more often in studies that load highly on this feature than in studies that do not load highly on this feature. Most of the time this a much more useful way of thinking about things, since reverse inference maps tell you, in some sense, which brain regions are more diagnostic of the feature in question, and not just which regions are consistently activated in studies associated with that feature.

    How do you identify studies associated with a feature?

    That depends on the kind of feature. At present, most of the features on this website are term-based, meaning that the meta-analyses are based strictly on how frequently a term (in the present case, 'response') was used in an article. By default, we use a threshold of 0.001, meaning that we consider a study to be associated with a feature if it uses that term at least once every 1,000 words on average. For features that aren't term-based, study selection criteria may vary.

    I need more details! How exactly were these maps and data generated?

    If you want to know exactly how things work, we encourage you to clone the Neurosynth python tools from our github repository and work through some of the examples and code provided in the package. Everything you see on this page was generated using the default processing stream, so you should be able to easily generate the exact same images (unless the underlying database has grown or changed) for yourself.